Endpoint Security can help reduce the risk from malware attacks

Antivirus is an outdated term.  Today's threats require an advanced level of detection not found in traditional Antivirus software.  Our Next Generation Endpoint Security software defends endpoint protected devices against today's modern threats, at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

Endpoint Security Benefits Include:

  •  24x7 remote monitoring of files, services and applications running on your protected devices via a SOC (Security Operations Center)
  •  Our technicians receive notification if potential threats are found and can follow up with you while the SOC Team quickly responds to the issue and remediates the problem
  •  Our platform scans during all three phases of application processing (pre-execution, on execution, and post execution)
  •  Protection against many diverse modes of attack including malware executables, malware file-less, document exploits, browser exploits, script based, and credential style attacks
  •  Our Endpoint Security software can be installed on PC based laptops, desktops, and servers as well as Macs

If you want to protect your devices with our state of the art Endpoint Security, contact us today.