Is Your PC not running like it used to?

There are many reasons that can cause your PC to slow down over time.  We have the tools necessary to optimize your computer so it stays running at its optimum level.

Introducing:  Keep IT Optimized.  Keep IT Optimized is our basic solution for keeping your computer running efficiently and as quickly as possible.
It is a software application that runs on your desktop or laptop, that we monitor remotely and keep onsite visits to a minimum.  With Keep IT Optimized, you can expect the following benefits:

  •  Performance Tuning Scripts - Our proven algorithms and scripts detect when your PC could be running faster or more efficiently, and resolve the issue for you, behind the scenes.
  •  Anti-virus Protection Included - Your anti-virus software will be monitored by us and we can fix almost any issue remotely.  No more worrying about making sure your anti-virus software is up to date and renewed.  We manage it for you.
  •  Optional Content Filtering - Manages web surfing safely and securely.  Spyware gets blocked before it gets on your system.
  •  Peace of mind - Your PC will be monitored and we will notify you if we detect any extreme errors.


Below is a sample of some of the data that we analyze with our software

  •  Identify when your system needs to be defragmented and automatically run it, making your PC perform faster.
  •  Disk Errors and alert you that hard drive failure is imminent.  We will remind you to make sure you have a good backup of your critical data.
  •  Remove pesky temporary Internet files causing your Internet browsers to run slow and unstable.
  •  Issues with the Anti-Virus software (not updating, not installed, disabled, having a virus on your system and automatically cleaning or putting it in quarantine for you)
  •  Low Disk Space thresholds reached meaning you are running out of hard drive space.