Virtual CIO / CTO Services

Technology is changing at a rate that most business owners cannot keep up.  Owners need to manage their business, not their technology. Having an Effective IT Department is key to an organization’s success.

Large organizations often have a Chief Information Officer, or CIO to sort through these various issues.  In addition, there could be a Chief Technology Officer or CTO on staff to oversee development of new technologies or services that the business may need.

Many businesses already rely on outside professional services to keep their businesses running, such as an accounting firm for payroll and taxes, or a law firm for legal advice. Typically, Small to Medium Businesses do not have the luxury of having an on staff accountant, attorney, CIO  or CTO.   When business level executives do not have the skills needed to do the job of the CIO or CTO, the business lags in this critical area.

This is where our Virtual CIO/CTO Service adds significant value in these areas:

  •  Align IT Strategy and focus with overall business objectives
  •  Business system technology planning
  •  IT Budget analysis (Upgrade System?  Outsource development?  Hosting?)
  •  Cloud Computing (evaluate potential benefits.  Does it make sense for your business?)
  •  Up to quarterly reviews of IT results and plans
  •  Project Planning and Management
  •  Help with software evaluation
  •  Assistance with software or product evaluation

All of this for a predictable, FIXED monthly fee.  To discuss our Virtual CIO / CTO Services in greater detail, please fill out the form on this page.