Managed Firewall

Remove the Management and Monitoring Burden for your firewall (we’ll protect it 24x7 for you)

At Chicagoland Cloud, we understand that you rely on the Internet to keep your business running smoothly, and therefore need it to be highly available, secure, efficient and safe.

Our Managed Firewall (we call it Total Network Security) is a comprehensive firewall and security service that’s designed to protect your business’s network and systems, so using the Internet can be truly worry free.

We’ve saved businesses thousand of dollars due to potential non-work related web surfing, viruses, and spyware related problems.  Best of all, we’ll manage the entire solution for you.



Our Managed Firewall Solution includes all of this:
Hardware and Software - Upgrades are included, along with real-time updates to your security, spyware, and virus content to keep out new threats.

  •  Web Content Filtering - control access to certain sites for increased employee productivity and security from inappropriate content
  •  Total Security - Completely protect yourself from online dangers
  •  Simplified Management - Get reporting of your network availability, blocked threats, Internet usage, and policy changes.
  •  We will work with your HR department to generate an Internet Usage Policy if you do not have one.  It is critical that all businesses and schools have one to protect themselves from various forms of liability.
  •  Advanced replacement of your firewall in case of failure.  We will get your firewall replaced within a matter of a couple hours, as opposed to waiting days for a new one to arrive.  This service alone can save you more money by reducing downtime than the actual monthly cost of the service.

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